Centro de Investigación MestrelabCentro de Investigación MestrelabCentro de Investigación Mestrelab
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Centro de Investigación MestrelabCentro de Investigación MestrelabCentro de Investigación Mestrelab


Centro de Investigación Mestrelab


a. Line of research 1: Artificial intelligence applied to Structural Biology research.
b. Line of research 2: Sustainability and Circularity
c. Line of research 3: New research activities in data management and processing in accurate mass spectrometry.

In short, the CIM is developed as a large laboratory (associated with the use of offices and offices) of two different types that provides a common space to other entities of the Galician research and innovation ecosystem in the field of biotechnology:

Centro de Investigación Mestrelab


Mestrelab Research Center

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Laboratorio Húmedo

The part corresponding to the “wet laboratory” occupies the west wing of the first floor of the building, where solid, liquid or gaseous chemical compounds are worked on. The experimental work to be carried out is oriented to the preparation of samples for analysis by Magnetic Resonance or Mass Spectrometry techniques and involves the use of reagents and chemical solvents in a closed-cycle regime, so that in no case will toxic or hazardous substances be spilled.

Laboratorio seco

The part corresponding to the “dry laboratory” which occupies most of the building’s surface area (with the exception of the one expressly defined as laboratory and services located on the first floor) is defined as the part of the building where computational and mathematical research and analysis related to the three lines of research mentioned above are carried out.
Typical equipment to be installed in the dry lab area”: – Computers – Computer servers – Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems for individual electronic equipment – Printers and photocopiers – Laser projectors.

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